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First Click: Google Tango, the White Rabbit Project, Darth Vader, and more in the week ahead

First Click: Google Tango, the White Rabbit Project, Darth Vader, and more in the week ahead


December 19th, 2016

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You can expect a deeper look at the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro this week, the first phone with Google's depth-sensing Tango technology baked in. We'll also be telling you how Snopes works and taking a look at the bubble wrap of the future. You can also look forward to a new "Versus" video from Lauren Goode that will... blow you away.  

Tuesday will see Telltale's season three premiere of its Walking Dead series. Titled “A New Frontier,” the game will play out like an interactive drama with an emphasis on making difficult moral choices. Andrew Webster will also be previewing Square Enix's Nier: Automata this week while Nick Statt gathers reactions from big publishers about poor game sales.

How Disney made Darth Vader scary again

This week we plan to publish our profile of Kari Byron who reunited with the Mythbusters' build team for Netflix's White Rabbit Project. We'll also take a look at how Disney made Darth Vader scary again, explore a Clash of Clans cartoon made by some Simpsons writers, and provide you with an introduction to the Japanese animated series Yuri on Ice.

We'll also be continuing our end-of-year wrap-ups as we look back at how things progressed in science, entertainment, transportation, and tech over the course of 2016. We'll also see which companies made the grade this year, and give you tips for a better 2017. We'll even point out the best PS4 games and streaming TV selections to help while away the holidays. 

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