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Here's the climate change podcast you didn't know you were looking for

Here's the climate change podcast you didn't know you were looking for


Warm Regards

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Warm Regards

I’ve been terrified about what humans do to our planet since I learned about the hole in the ozone layer in elementary school. I could easily picture a massive hole opening up in our atmosphere and draining out all the oxygen into the universe — which would have of course caused all of us to suffocate to death. That’s not at all how the hole in the ozone layer actually works, but as an impressionable eight-year-old with a big imagination, that’s what it sounded like to me.

“It doesn’t snow like it used to!”

Anyway, fast-forward almost 20 years and my obsession with human-made climate change has just gotten worse, as has climate change itself. Every year now seems to be the hottest year on record. Rising sea levels have already started swallowing our coasts. And my grandma keeps saying “It certainly doesn’t snow like it used to when I was a kid!” The cherry on top was the election of Donald Trump, who has called climate change “a hoax” and has appointed a climate skeptic to lead the Environmental Protection Agency’s transition.

So, what does a climate obsessive have to do? Keep informed. Keep talking to people who don’t believe climate change is the biggest threat facing our future. And turn off those damn lights when you leave the house! But also, you may want to listen to this amazing podcast about everything regarding climate change. It’s called Warm Regards, and it’s hosted by meteorologist Eric Holthaus, paleoecologist Jacquelyn Gill, and New York Times veteran environment reporter Andy Revkin. (A big thank you to our science videographer-in-chief Miriam Nielsen for telling me about it!)

It’s a great way to keep up with the latest climate change news and meet the people who are working in the field, doing research and making stuff happen. While climate change has become an increasingly politicized issue (for reasons I still don’t clearly understand), Warm Regards remains objective and fair. Of course it talks about politics — and it actually had great coverage during the presidential elections, when climate change was barely discussed at all by the candidates — but it also gives voice to the so-called eco-right, a movement of conservatives who care a great deal about the environment.

Warm Regards is not perfect. It usually just features people talking, with no weird sounds and editing a la Radiolab to keep you on edge. It won’t make you cry like StoryCorps. (Although the post-election episode did make me tear up.) But it’s interesting, it’s smart, and it’s informative. So what are you waiting for? Start listening! The podcast is available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Twitter.