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I guess Guillermo del Toro isn’t buying the next Metal Gear game

I guess Guillermo del Toro isn’t buying the next Metal Gear game


The blood feud continues

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The breakup of Hideo Kojima and Konami — the creator and the publisher of the action-espionage video game franchise Metal Gear — was long, messy, and complicated. A year later, both parties are busy with their own new projects, but that hasn’t stopped the occasional Kojima supporter from taking a shot at the studio that let him go.

Kojima’s squad — which includes The Walking Dead actor and would-be Silent Hills star Norman Reedus — rolls deep. Today on Twitter, following last night’s annual Game Awards ceremony, filmmaker and Kojima co-conspirator Guillermo del Toro offered his opinions about Konami succinctly:

Del Toro, who worked with Kojima and Konami on the now-canceled Silent Hills game, had a few words to spare on that subject, too:

Del Toro’s public burn isn’t the first from Kojima’s people, and it’s unlikely to be the last. After the Death Stranding reveal (featuring none other than Reedus front and center, literally), Reedus posted a photoshopped picture of Kojima drinking out of a mug labeled “Konami tears.”

Konami already has plans for the next game in the Metal Gear series, minus Kojima, with Metal Gear Survive. Kojima, meanwhile, seems to be doing just fine on his own.

The Game Awards was a big deal for the game director, who received this year’s Industry Icon Award — a sort of raincheck for last year, when Konami prevented him from attending the event. At The 2015 Game Awards, Kiefer Sutherland, who voiced Venom Snake in Metal Gear Solid V, was there to accept the award for Best Action/Adventure Game on Kojima’s behalf.