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The first trailer for Netflix’s Spectral is Black Hawk Down meets Ghostbusters

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Netflix has a big, flashy action movie in time for the holidays. The streaming giant is set to release Spectral — a fantasy movie about Delta Force soldiers going up against ghosts — next week on December 9th, and it just released the film’s first trailer.

This looks like it could be a particularly fun film: a DARPA scientist is tasked with figuring out why a squad of soldiers mysteriously turned up dead in the streets of a war-torn city. The cause appears to be ghosts, and as the body count rises, the military has to figure out how to stop the problem before they spread.

It’s odd that there’s been little fanfare for this film from Netflix, although the company only just acquired the movie from Legendary Pictures last month. Usually, Netflix advertises its original shows and films months in advance of the premiere. This trailer just drops a week before it begins streaming.

It looks a bit like Black Hawk Down meets Ghostbusters, and hopefully it’ll live up to that pulpy premise. Or, it could turn out to be like the crappy 2001 CGI film, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Hopefully, it’ll be the former.