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Tom Cruise is accidentally hilarious in this broken Mummy reboot trailer

Tom Cruise is accidentally hilarious in this broken Mummy reboot trailer

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Universal Pictures' Mummy reboot is one of many attempts by production companies to start a new cinematic universe, but Universal seems to be taking its new film to an exciting new place: one with no sound effects. The first half of the IMAX trailer for the Mummy, originally uploaded last week and spotted by Waypoint's Austin Walker before being pulled by IMAX, inexplicably features no background music, foley, or other sound apart from the actors' voice tracks.

That means that the exploding planes, swarms of birds, and smashing windows shown in the action-packed trailer are totally inaudible. In Universal Pictures' horrible new universe, Tom Cruise is the main source of sound, his shrieks, shouts, and screams piercing the deafening silence as he's tossed around the inside of a stricken cargo plane. Fortunately, it's not just Tom allowed to talk in Universal's new world — co-star Annabelle Wallis also gets to make a hilarious little "whooo!" noise as a parachute pulls her into the sky.

This isn't the first time this has happened, as Twitter user Nick Horowitz pointed out: last year the BBC aired a clip from 2015's Everest that featured no sound effects over the actors' voices. The result, without the dramatic music and slippy-slidey sounds we'd expect in such a movie, made the daring mountaintop rescue shown on screen sound like a lazy conversation between some particularly grunty friends. At least in the Mummy trailer, the music returns at the end — just in time for Tom to jump through an exploding London bus and to promise that evil undead princess magic is real.

Update December 20th, 4:00PM EST: The video has been pulled from YouTube. All that remains is this beautiful collection of Mummy-inspired goofs from across the internet.