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All 2016 Samsung 4K TVs can now play HDR YouTube content, if you can find it

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samsung tv ces 2016

If you have a 4K TV, one of the biggest hurdles to enjoying all those extra pixels is finding content that actually stretches the format’s technical limits. Thankfully for Samsung TV owners, there’s now some new 4K high dynamic range (HDR) video coming down the pipe, thanks to YouTube.

Back in November, the video service announced it would be supporting HDR — which offers greater image contrast and color range. Now, Samsung is making that content available on it 2016 Quantum dot and Ultra HD TVs through an automatic software update. Users with these TVs can simply head to YouTube’s 4K channel to access it. Samsung says there is a “HDR category” available but we can’t see it on the web; it might be available on the TV app only.

At any rate, don’t expect to see Planet Earth II like you’ve never seen it before. This is YouTube, after all, and although it has quite a bit of 4K content — including film trailers, time-lapse photography, and wildlife clips — it’s not entirely clear what is HDR and what isn’t. There’s a HDR playlist, but it was made for the launch of HDR support and contains just four videos. It seems even when there is new 4K HDR content, there’s not much of it.