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Turkish Star Wars famously stole footage from A New Hope, now it’s being restored

Great Big Story produced a fascinating dive into “Turkish Star Wars,” a 1982 film about two men who crash their spaceships on a desolate planet. The nickname is derived not from its Star Wars-like plot, clearly, but its flagrant use of ripped footage from A New Hope for its space segments. Its real title is Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, or The Man Who Saves the World.

In the video, “The DIY Brilliance of Turkish Star Wars,” film historian Ed Glaser explains how and why he occasionally rereleases foreign ripoffs and remakes. “The holy grail of these kinds of films is Çetin İnanç's The Man Who Saves the World, better known as The Turkish Star Wars,” he says. “I’ve never really seen anything like it. It’s a little bit like a fever dream.” Glaser is working to restore the original film, of which very few copies still exist.

“It’s so unique,” he says. “Visually it’s so lurid and vivid and wild and crazy. There’s just nothing else like it.”

It, ahem, borrows footage from other sci-fi flicks, as well as music scores from movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark. More importantly, however, is its inclusion on Wikipedia’s list of the worst films ever made. That’s an honor that makes us dying to get ahold of it.

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