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The first Emoji Movie trailer is as apathetic about this concept as you are

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The Emoji Movie, the movie about emoji that you never actually wanted, will make its debut next summer. That means we’re due for some trailers that apparently endeavor to convey just how unexcited the movie feels about itself. See? It understands! Here, a Meh emoji announces that it’s almost time for its first movie. “Yay,” it says. “It’s almost too thrilling for words.” The self-aware disdain this thing has for itself almost made me want to see where it goes. But then there was a poop joke.

The trailer arrives designed especially for vertical screens, because Sony really gets the teens. Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller is set to star as an emoji with multiple expressions, and he’ll team up with a character named Jailbreak (Broad City’s Ilana Glazer) as they go on an adventure through a teenagers phone, exploring apps like Spotify and Candy Crush. All this sounds equally interesting and crass, because you know Sony partnered with said apps to wring as much marketing money out of the project as possible. But maybe there will be a few surprise emoji along the way. The Emoji Movie hits theaters on August 4th, 2017.