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Watch Elon Musk go through a roller coaster ride of emotions as he watches his rocket land

Ten minutes of FEELS

Fans of SpaceX are intimately familiar with the company’s first Falcon 9 rocket landing at Cape Canaveral, Florida a year ago, since SpaceX released numerous images and video showcasing the event in amazing detail. But one thing that we didn’t get to see was how SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reacted to the event.

Fortunately, National Geographic was there to document the whirlwind of emotions that Musk went through that night — ranging from high anxiety to jubilant glee. At one point, Musk experienced an intense moment of panic as he watched the launch from outside, thinking that something had gone wrong. But once the Falcon 9 touched down at SpaceX’s landing site, Musk bolted back inside shouting, “It’s standing up!” with the excitement of a child running downstairs on Christmas morning.

Check out the entire video above, but if you’re here just for Musk, we have GIFed his entire emotional journey below.