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Watch drones encase Norwegian pop star Aurora in a fabric cocoon

Not your average wrap video

"Sometimes I fear our technological progress will slowly take over. We meet people through texts and screens. Is it setting us free? Or are we slowly wrapping ourselves in, depending too much on it? The fall is bigger when our hopes are not realistic, not human. What has no heart can't give us love and true happiness."

To answer this question, Norwegian pop star Aurora teamed up with YouTube and Carnegie Mellon for a music video starring the most heartless of backup dancers: drones. The quadcopter choreography was programmed by Ali Momeni, associate professor of art at Carnegie Mellon University, and Ellen Cappo, a PhD student in robotics. It was shot in CMU’s Planetary Robotics Lab.

The clip is paired with “Winter Bird,” a track from Aurora’s latest album, All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. You can now add mummifying creative types to a drone’s list of accomplishments, alongside delivering Slurpees and airlifting snowboarders.