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Tesla’s new update restricts Autopilot to the speed limit on undivided roads

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Tesla cars are limited to the posted speed limit when Autopilot is engaged on an undivided road, thanks to an update now rolling out. Previously, Autopilot was limited to five miles per hour over the speed limit on roads where cars travel in both directions without a physical divider between them. The update was first reported by Electrek and confirmed by The Verge.

The update is the latest in a series of tweaks Tesla has made to the Autopilot system following a fatal crash in May of a vehicle that was speeding while the system was active. However, this restriction would not have applied to that case as the driver was on a divided (although not limited-access) highway. In September, Tesla adjusted how Autopilot “nags” at the driver, making it more restrictive if they do not touch the steering wheel while the system is engaged.

The Autopilot update comes alongside the release of Tesla software update 8.0.2, which includes a number of useful updates: steering wheel and seat position can now be attached to individual key fobs for automatic adjusting and the Maps app now shows amenities at Supercharger locations.