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Vergecast fireside chat: Zuckerberg's smarthome, Android Wear, and CES predictions

Our final episode of 2016

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As the year ends, Nilay, Dieter, Paul, and Ross gather together from across the country via Skype to sit down and bring up what’s been troubling them this week. Nilay can’t stand Mark Zuckerberg’s video about his home AI, Dieter doesn’t know what laptop to take to CES, Paul feels that emoji is too totalitarian, and already in holiday mode.

Grab a glass of eggnog (from and sit beside the fire with your favorite tech luminaries of 2016.

04:11 - Mark Zuckerberg’s “smart home

14:56 - Rogue One talk (level 4 spoilers 16:51-18:01)

17:59 - laptops

22:42 - Apple, Macbook batteries, and new desktops

26:23 - Emoji consortium

28:52 - AirPods review

34:58 - Android Wear

43:34 - CES 2017 predictions

55:08 - Paul's weekly segment "WebOS still exists, Dieter. Are you sad?"

59:19 - Dieter note

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