Time to admit true truly "Pro" products aren't named "Pro?"


The highest-powered Surface portable is the Surface Book.

The MacBook Pro seems less misleadingly named if compared only to the current MacBook:

MacBook - basic uber-portable computer with limited USB C connectivity

MacBook Pro - high-powered, still bleeding edge portable over powerful computer with enhanced USB connectivity

The truest professional products in the Surface lineup are the Surface Hub and the Surface Studio.

"Hub" doesn't really evoke a specific market, but this is a device that reportedly is doing well in finding its market.

"Studio" is exactly where a Surface Studio belongs...or if you have one you automatically have a digital studio. That's a highly accurate name.

These products are truly for a specific professional task. MS doesn't need to call them "Pro" - they are pro

MS doesn't need to call them "Pro" - they are pro

It's easier if we accept that "Pro"-named products are probably being sold to someone as designed for professionals. That's a tipoff that there's a significant overlap with the consumer market.

Or we can all hate this, which is understandable.