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11 starter apps for your new iPhone

11 starter apps for your new iPhone


‘Tis the season for new iPhones

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James Bareham

Congratulations! You just unwrapped a brand-new iPhone! Once you finish going through Apple’s walkthrough to set everything up, you’ll probably want to get some apps installed on your new pocket supercomputer! So we’ve put together a list of some of the most important ones to start you off. Looking for games? Check out our list here.

We've rounded up our favorite and most-used apps and utilities for the technology we use every day. Check out our other picks for Android phones, PCs, and Macs. We've also listed our favorite games for iOS and Android from this year.



You use Facebook. Your friends use Facebook. Your family uses Facebook. Like it or not, you’ll want the Facebook app on your phone to keep up with the latest in the lives of friends from high school you don’t talk to and relatives you haven’t seen in years. Make sure to grab the separate Facebook Messenger app too, so that you can chat with them.


tweetbot 3 2

Twitter has its own app for iOS, but Tweetbot is better. With powerful muting tools and a far more focused user-experience than Twitter’s app, Tweetbot is the best way to Tweet on the go.


Snapchat Memories screenshots

Snapchat has grown a lot in the last year, adding cloud photo storage, groups, and of course, a hardware product in the form of Spectacles. But the app itself is still what you’ll need to watch all your friend’s stories and send your own snaps.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp stock

One of the most popular messaging apps in the world, that you’ll definitely want (especially for chatting with non-iPhone friends).



Look, Apple’s built-in email app just isn’t that great. But Microsoft’s Outlook app is. So download that instead and experience fast, great email.


Rounding out the major social networking apps is Instagram. The world needs your square-cropped, filtered photos. The Instagram app will let you send them to your heart’s content (and of course, let you see everyone else’s perfect breakfast photos.)


YouTube Red

Chances are, if it exists in video form, it’s on YouTube. So whether you’re watching the latest viral meme or a video from your favorite vlogger, you’ll want the YouTube app.

Dark Sky

Don’t wonder if you’ll need an umbrella — know you’ll need an umbrella. Dark Sky offers hyper-local weather alerts that let you know if it’s going to rain or snow exactly where you are, with up to the minute accuracy.

Motion Stills

Google Motion Stills

One of the best apps of 2016, Google’s Motion Photos app is perfect for any new iPhone 6s or 7 owners, turning Apple’s Live Photos into animated GIFs that are way more fun to share with friends.


If you’ve got a Netflix account, it’s never been a better time to have the Netflix app. The company just added the ability to download shows offline to your phone, making it perfect for stocking up on movies for your flight home.


Sure, you just finished getting all your holiday gifts, but Deliveries is a great package tracking app that offers tons of features and a simple, intuitive interface for seeing when your next batch of stuff will arrive.