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Microsoft might add ‘game mode’ to Windows 10 for maximum gaming performance

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Xbox Live rare achievement

Gaming on Windows 10 might be getting even better. A report from UberGizmo cites Twitter user @h0x0d, who found a new "gamemode.dll" in the latest Windows 10 developer build. The feature appears to allow Windows 10 to adjust CPU and GPU resources when running a game to allocate more power for the game that's running instead of toward any background apps.

It's a move that essentially allows PCs to act almost like consoles, freeing up almost all the computational firepower of the machine for the sole purpose of running games as well as possible. The so-called “game mode” is another indication that Microsoft is continuing to take PC gaming on Windows 10 even more seriously. The company already has taken significant strides in 2016 toward blurring the line between Xbox consoles and PCs, with the Xbox One now running Windows and games offering cross-purchasing options from Xbox One to PC, and it seems that this sort of integration will only continue onward in 2017.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of the new “game mode,” but with the release of the major Windows 10 Creators Update scheduled for early 2017, it’s likely we could see it included with that OS update.