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Twitter wants to make tweets editable, but it’s complicated

Twitter wants to make tweets editable, but it’s complicated

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is polling Twitter users on what features they’d like to see from the company in 2017.

Everyone’s got ideas, like “get rid of the Nazis” and “reverse verification,” where everyone is verified by default. I love the internet.

Anyway, the obvious thing people are asking for is the ability to edit tweets, and Jack wants to give them that power, too.

I’m glad we all share the same tweet-editing stance. Apparently this task won’t be so simple to carry out, however, as evidenced by Jack’s other tweets to users.

Editing tweets, while seemingly an easy thing to introduce, requires work on the backend. What if someone edited a tweet months later and you had retweeted it? It could look like you’re endorsing something totally different than you intended. That’s one of the more obvious concerns.

Clearly Jack and whoever else is left at the company is thinking through these issues. They might have a plan in place for all we know and just want further input. So now, let’s all join hands — that means you, too, Kim Kardashian — and will Twitter to give us editing power.