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Watch astronauts win the Mannequin Challenge on the International Space Station

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There’s just no competing with that

Space Station mannequin challenge

On Sunday we generally have a day off with the crew and we often have a bit of fun in microgravity. We got the whole International Space Station crew together and took the #MannequinChallenge to new heights. The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don't you think? Dimanche, c'est notre jour de repos et on a le temps de s'amuser un peu avec l'impesanteur... Tout l’équipage s’y est mis pour vous offrir le seul « mannequin challenge » de l’espace et par la même occasion une petite visite de la Station spatiale internationale ! On dirait un mélange de science-fiction et de cinéma d’anticipation, non ?

Posted by Thomas Pesquet on Thursday, December 29, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s only fair that one of the year’s better memes gets a last hurrah. The Mannequin Challenge had school kids, athletes, and presidential candidates posing like mannequins for the camera — and now it’s in space.

Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station, posted a video today, showing five of the six crew members performing the challenge. Some cling to footholds and handholds as the camera passes by, while others float around, bodies rigid in the microgravity.

The crew usually has the day off on Sundays, so they had a little fun with microgravity, Pesquet explained in a Facebook post. “The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don't you think?” he wrote.

The video is quiet, but one of Pesquet’s Twitter followers added the Rae Sremmurd song “Black Beatles” that usually soundtracks the Mannequin Challenge videos. He ribbed Pesquet, in French: “You don’t have Premiere Pro in space?”

The Verge rang the Mannequin Challenge’s death knell back in November, but today, as Pesquet said, it reached new heights. I, for one, am glad it hung on just a little longer.