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First Click: What tech trend interests you most in the year ahead?

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December 30th, 2016

The world's biggest consumer electronics show kicks off next week. It's a curtain raiser of sorts; a place to glimpse where technology advancements are heading in 2017.

Last year's CES saw 177,393 people from 81 countries converge on 3,887 exhibitors in a space spanning 2.47 million net square feet. It was attended by 7,545 members of the press which is 1,700 more than were at the 2016 Olympic Games according to numbers gathered by the organization that puts on the show. So yeah, it's huge.

But CES isn't typically the place where huge, earth-shattering announcements are made. It's a place where dozens, if not hundreds, of new products coalesce into categories that predict industry trends. It's a chance to see what will be for sale next year and beyond before the products on display end up in our homes, yards, garages, offices, and favorite recreational locations.

So, as The Verge prepares for the big event, I gotta ask: what tech advances are you most interested in hearing about in 2017?