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2016 as a horror movie parody is a dumb idea, but there is one good joke in there

2016 as a horror movie parody is a dumb idea, but there is one good joke in there


Worst year ever? You wish

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2016 horror movie

A horror movie parody of 2016 is not funny to me, broadly speaking, because lots of people really did die, and as many have already pointed out, calling 2016 “the worst year ever” is a feeble accusation when almost everything that went wrong was our own fault. Also, ooooh baby, the next four years will be much, much worse.

2016 as the worst year ever is an overplayed meme, and was never a fun one. So I did not expect to find 2016: The Movie, a parody horror movie trailer made by Friend Dog Studios, funny. And it really isn’t. Lol, celebrities died. Lol, “did you remember to vote?!!?” Lol, the Mannequin Challenge. I’m not laughing, buddy!

A creepy children’s chorus singing “Auld Lang Syne?” Okay, I’m chuckling a little bit but only because I just watched It’s a Wonderful Life and that girl Zuzu is weird as heck. And because it reminded me of a very good Deadspin blog post, “I Fucking Live for Haunting Covers of Literally Any Song in Movie Trailers.”

But there’s one really good joke in 2016: The Movie. It is the moment in which the heroine is putting cold water on a huge burn on her hand and then says “I tried to call for help and my phone exploded. My phone literally exploded in my hand!” Wow, I laughed. A good riff on the standard “how do we explain the fact that no one can call for help in this horror movie” problem, and a good zing on Samsung for their overambitious Galaxy Note 7. I mean, it doesn’t sound that funny now that I’m writing it down but it’s actually ridiculous that one of the biggest tech companies in the world put out a massively popular cell phone that kept exploding. Exploding! What a year.