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Here’s how to make that adorable Stormtrooper doll from Rogue One

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DIY Prop Replicas

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Stormtrooper Crafts

In the earliest scenes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we see a young Jyn Erso make a last moment escape from her family farm. With imperial soldiers landing in her front yard, she shoves some supplies and toys into her backpack. One of the toys left behind is a stormtrooper doll, which appears in a couple of the film’s promotional photos. Now, you can buy one of these toys, thanks to an enterprising maker on Etsy.

Jyn called the doll Stormy, according to the novelization, and abandoned it in her flight. It’s extremely simple to put together yourself for fans who prefer to be crafty. One maker took to Instructables with directions. You’ll need some clay, some string, and some patience.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making one yourself, the replica at Stormtrooper Crafts costs $45.

It’s a cute little project that’s on the easier side of the prop replica world. It go well with your Death Trooper or Jyn Erso costume. Or it can be a nice bonus holiday gift for your Star Wars-loving child.