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New trailers: Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Covenant, and more

New trailers: Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Covenant, and more

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A Cure for Wellness still
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I go to the movies pretty regularly, which means I end up watching a lot of trailers over and over again (even more so since I write this roundup each week). Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but one trailer really started to get on my nerves this year: the one for Zootopia.

The entire trailer is just one long, slow — very, very, very slow — joke. Based on the reaction it got in theaters every time, I get the sense that I'm the only person who didn't find it hilarious. But after seeing it again and again, I had no intention of watching the movie.

Until I did, and loved it. Zootopia is a must-watch if you subscribe to Netflix (where it's currently streaming) — a hilarious, smart, and really impressive film. And I guess for me, it's a good lesson about not judging a film entirely off of its trailer.

With that said, let's go do exactly that. It was a slow week for new trailers, but we didn't run this column last week, so here are 11 trailers worth checking out from the last two weeks.

Alien: Covenant

Aside from Prometheus — a generally fine movie that everyone seems to have decided to hate in retrospect — Alien: Covenant will be the first time that Ridley Scott has returned to the Alien universe and the first proper Alien sequel he's made. This is our first look at the film, and my initial reaction is to be pretty skeptical. It seems like Scott is sticking with the same gritty sci-fi and horror vibes that he likes to use (good!), but he also seems to expand things in a bigger, shinier, and much more explosive way that I'm not immediately convinced is what the series needs. Covenant comes out May 19th.

Blade Runner 2049

A new Blade Runner could be so, so, so bad. But it really looks like it won't be. A first look at Blade Runner 2049 was released last week, and every gorgeous shot in it looks like it could have been pulled from a frame of the original film. It's eerie, mysterious, and hey, Harrison Ford is looking kind of old but Ryan Gosling seems like a great replacement. The film is planned for late next year, on October 6th.

Twin Peaks

It's the Twin Peaks trailer everyone's been waiting for... well... not quite, but it's something. The series returns sometime next year.

The Good Fight

I never watched The Good Wife, but I heard more and more about it over the past few years as the series seemed to pick up more awards and more vocal fans. That's probably a big part of why CBS is spinning off a new series, The Good Fight, for its streaming service. The new series has a similar focus — on a woman working at a law firm whose reputation has been tarnished by outside forces — and CBS doesn't seem to be cutting corners just because this is going online. It starts February 19th. 

A Cure for Wellness

15 years after The Ring, Gore Verbinski is returning to horror with A Cure for Wellness, a super-creepy, super-stylish thriller that starts out in a dreary, depressing office and seems to end in the middle of some wild, Dan Brown-style ancient evil cult stuff. There's reason to be skeptical of how this'll turn out after The Lone Ranger, but so far, it's looking good. It'll be out February 17th.

The Emoji Movie

Oh geez, I have never seen such a failure of sardonic humor, because the sarcasm expressed throughout this entire trailer is basically the perfect representation of how we all feel about it. The Emoji Movie comes out August 4th, so only eight more months of hearing about it.

The Expanse

There’s a very good chance you missed The Expanse this year (I did) during the debut of its first season, but it sounds like that was a mistake for any sci-fi fan. Over the summer, we called it “the best science fiction show since Battlestar Galactica,” and now the series is teasing season two with a short trailer that touches on what people have been finding so compelling. If the above catches your interest, then you’ve got a little over a month to catch up. Season two starts February 8th.


I 50 percent think this could be really good and 50 percent think I could just be posting this because Tom Hardy is in it. Either way, I'm interested. Taboo is an eight-episode miniseries headed to BBC One and FX in January. It's about a shipping company in 1814 London, which sounds boring, but there's like murder and stuff, too. It starts January 7th in the UK and January 10th in the US.

Isle of Dogs

So I very much thought it was a joke when I heard that Wes Anderson is making an animated movie called Isle of Dogs with a voice cast ranging from Bob Balaban to Yoko Ono, but... apparently it's not? Here's the first, um, look, I guess? (Also, can you believe that even here, Anderson has perfect framing?) The movie is happening and will be out eventually?

John Wick: Chapter 2

If this doesn't set the record for most people killed in a trailer I will be surprised and also deeply concerned about the respect for humanity in whatever other movie beats it. The new John Wick comes out February 10th.


This is without question the most insane-looking movie of the week and in a really good way. I can't really describe this film's premise without making it sound goofy, so I'm just going to say you should probably click play and watch at least the first 30 seconds. The movie comes out in the UK on February 10th but doesn't have a US release planned yet.