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Please don’t drain actual swamps — where else would the crocodiles live?

Crocodiles, owls, waterbugs #ReignTheSwamp

Remnants Of Hurricane Matthew Cause Inland Flooding In Parts In North Carolina Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Why would you want to “drain the swamp” when it’s home to crocodiles, snapping turtles, and other wonderful wildlife? That’s what a number of biologists are wondering, after the catchphrase from President-elect Donald Trump took on a life of its own.

And so the scientists have rushed to defend the good name of this noble wetland ecosystem with #ReignTheSwamp. On the delightful corner of the internet known as biologist Twitter, scientists are giving some much-deserved attention to the creatures that depend on the swamp, and paying their respects to the marshes themselves.

I challenge anyone to look at this collage and say to themselves, “Yes, yes, I want to kill all these animals by destroying their natural habitat.” See that crocodile with the moss on its face? It’s so peaceful. It’s begging you to save its home.

If crocs aren’t your thing, what about these thimble-sized turtles that can fit in your palm? I’m not even sure what those squiggly creatures are, but I’m especially captivated by the one with bright yellow dots.

I would post this on Instagram.

True, I am no special fan of turtles and tortoises, but even I can find a space in my heart for this snapping turtle. Drain its swamp at your own peril, friends.