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Honda teases electric concept car with AI-powered emotions

Honda teases electric concept car with AI-powered emotions


The NeuV will be revealed at CES in January 2017

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Honda has teased the first image of what looks to be an ambitious new concept car — an experimental vehicle dubbed the NeuV. The automaker will be showcasing the car at CES on January 5th and says it will be automated, electric, designed for commuters, and will come equipped with artificial intelligence in the form of something called an “emotion engine.”

Details are vague on what this all means, but Honda describes the emotion engine as a set of technologies that will “enable machines to artificially generate their own emotions.” Will that mean some sort of in-car assistant that’s cheery or grouchy depending on how much fuel there is in the tank? Or perhaps some sort of animated dashboard that gives you the stink eye when you cut someone off in traffic?

Either way we’re curious to find out more, as all we really know about the NeuV right now is that it looks like a futuristic take on the N-Box minivan from the company’s Kei car line. Stay tuned to The Verge in January to find out more about Honda’s plans direct from the CES show floor.