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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 might not have a headphone jack

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Galaxy S7 Edge stock Chris Welch

You were probably hoping the whole no headphone jack thing was just a 2016 fad, right? Sorry, but SamMobile thinks it’s here to stay, as Samsung is reportedly preparing to release its Galaxy S8 sans jack. The S8 is also expected to ship with a USB Type-C port for charging and listening to music. The Note 7 featured a USB-C port, too, but we all know where that phone ended up. (The trash.)

SamMobile notes a few other rumors, like that the phone might ship with stereo speakers as a result of no headphone jack, and that it won’t feature a home button. It might also have a fingerprint sensor embedded in its 2K Super AMOLED display. SamMobile says the new screen will have the same resolution, but will no longer have a PenTile layout, which should improve sharpness, especially in VR.

Samsung has a lot to prove with this device. Are these rumors building up to an exciting announcement? I’m not so sure, although I guess when the bar is set at “just don’t blow up,” maybe it’s better to stick with safe product decisions.