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The first trailer for The Circle takes Silicon Valley culture to a pointed extreme

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the circle

Dave Eggers’ best-selling 2013 novel The Circle is coming to the big screen, and it looks like the slick near-future dystopia will make a smooth transition.

The first trailer shows Mae (Emma Watson) interviewing for a job at the Circle, a mysterious and wealthy Silicon Valley company that does something with big data and prompts easy comparisons to Google. “The needs of the society or the individual,” an interviewer asks, “Should be the same,” she replies confidently.

The Circle also stars The Force Awakens John Boyega and Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan as two of Mae’s co-workers, and Tom Hanks as a confident tech CEO who believes that “knowing is good, but knowing everything is better,” and that humanity can save the world as long as it chooses to live “without secrets, without the hoarding of knowledge.” It sounds like a true nightmare!

Directed by The Spectacular Now’s James Ponsoldt, The Circle will be coming to theaters on April 28th, 2017.