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The What’s Tech series finale

The What’s Tech series finale

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What's Tech

When I started at The Verge in 2014, I needed an excuse to learn about technology. My background was in covering video games, television, and pop culture, and I lacked the basic cognitive functions to hold a phone above my head without dropping it on my face. So I launched a podcast called What’s Tech.

For two years, the show was an opportunity to learn the fundamentals about the technology that supports everyday life. Free to ask silly, obvious, and embarrassing questions, I learned a ton. I hope you did, too. After all, my favorite takeaway from the podcast was that I wasn’t alone. We often take tech for granted, like a magical apparatus that does everything we need, not a massive collection of moving parts designed and programmed by women and men with their own dreams, ambitions, and motives. Technology is immensely confusing, but understanding how it functions and who creates it is a worthwhile and rewarding pursuit.

I sincerely hope that through this show, tech became more accessible and less mysterious, without losing its fun and that special power to fascinate us.

We did it! We learned what tech is!

Recently, I took on more responsibilities with our Culture team. I’d love for you to check out our work. Right now, I want to give the section and its writers the time and support they deserve. But to focus on Culture, I need to let What’s Tech go on indefinite hiatus. I won’t go so far as to say the show’s done forever — we’ll leave the RSS feed open, and hopefully we’ll have something new to take the show’s place in the coming months (so I’d encourage you to stay subscribed).

Now for the final episode I invited my buddy Ross Miller, with whom I co-launched The Verge’s TL;DR section. We talk about life on the internet. And also, breakfast. I hope you enjoy. Thank you to my incredible producers, John Lagomarsino and Andrew Marino. Thank you for listening.

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