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If you tweet emoji at Google, it will reply with local search results

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@Google *peach emoji*

Google has a new trick up its sleeve on Twitter — it can now understand emoji you tweet at it. Simply tweet an emoji @Google and the company's Twitter account will respond with a fun GIF and a handy link to for local search results.

For example, tweeting a burger emoji results in the following tweet, complete with some local burger joints nearby:

According to Mashable, Google claims to have built-in interactions for over 200 different emoji, ranging from food to local activities. The new feature seems to be a part of Google’s efforts to promote local search results, as implied by the #KnowNearby hashtag associated with the tweets.

It also seems the company is having some fun with certain associations that specific emoji have gotten — like the famous peach emoji, which Google seems to think is “Bootylicious.” Additionally, The Verge’s Dan Seifert can confirm that there are additional cute responses set up for both the poop and eggplant emoji, in case you were wondering, a feat of investigative reporting that the Pulitzer Prize Board should surely take note of.