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Netflix adds video previews to make it easier to find something to watch

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Stop browsing, start watching

Netflix knows how difficult it is to actually find something you want to watch in its massive streaming catalog. To that end, the company is adding a long-awaited feature to its TV apps: video previews.

The previews will show up while you’re browsing through Netflix’s content, allowing you to get an idea of the flavor of the show or movie without having to hit play. Netflix says the previews aren’t trailers, but instead serve as curated experiences for “quickly highlighting the story, characters and tone of a title.”

It may sound simple, but it’s a big addition to the service, which has lacked the ability to show previews or provide any information about what you were going to watch beyond a simple text preview. The new previews should go a long way toward solving that problem and help make it easier to decide what to watch for your next movie night.

The previews should be rolling out today, and will start showing up on Netflix applications in game consoles, Roku devices, and smart TVs as their respective applications get updated in the coming weeks and months.