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VSCO now offers a membership pass to buy all its presets and early access to new releases

vsco cam 3.0

VSCO, the folks behind that app that’s basically Instagram but for people who know how to take pictures, is releasing a new membership pass that’ll give mobile photographers access to exclusive filters.

Called VSCO X, the invite-only membership grants paid users the entire library of currently available presets and a new genre called Film X. Like many other VSCO filters, Film X is an attempt to recreate film photography by offering users more granular control. In addition to the edit tools you can use after slapping on a filter, you can now adjust warmth, character, and preset strength to fine-tune the shades.

Four presets will be available with a VSCO X membership at launch, which goes for $19.99 a year. The paid plan will be the only way you can access Film X presets for now, but VSCO should be releasing them for individual purchases later next year.

Today’s announcement comes alongside other small updates, such as increased RAW support on iOS 10 and a new discovery section to browse and search through community content.

Update December 7th, 2:55PM ET: An earlier version of this story said you can apply Film X filters before taking a photo. VSCO has clarified that the new edit tools are still just post-capture, not before.