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Casio’s new 1.9-megapixel camera is designed to be used in the dark

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Casio has announced the Exilim FR110H, a new rugged action camera with a 1.9-megapixel sensor. Yep, we’re nearly into 2017 and people are still releasing cameras with less resolution than the original iPhone. But Casio has its reasons — fewer pixels means bigger pixels, all other things being equal, which should make for better low-light performance. And the FR110H is designed entirely around nighttime shooting, capturing 1080p video or stills at a maximum ISO of 51200.

Granted, the sensor itself is a small 1/2.8-inch type, and the 20mm-equivalent lens is just f/2.8, so Casio has clearly elected not to follow more traditional ways for cameras to gather more light. The samples on the official website don’t look particularly beautiful, either, especially when compared to what you’d expect from a DSLR with a fast lens. But action cameras aren’t about absolute image quality — they’re about getting shots that you otherwise couldn’t get. If the FR110H can do that, given its flexible wearable design, it might just find an audience.

Casio’s action cameras often don’t make it outside Asia, but the FR100H goes on sale in Japan this week. Pricing isn’t yet set.