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Apple’s online support system now lets you book repairs with authorized third parties

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Broken cracked iphone stock

Apple has updated its online support system to make it easier for customers to find somewhere to get their phone or computer repaired. As first spotted by MacRumors, the company has added details for authorized third-party service providers to its online site, meaning that when you log in to find someone that will replace your cracked iPhone screen, Apple won’t just direct you to its own stores. You can even book an appointment with third parties right from your browser.

It’s a small change, but a welcome one. Anyone who’s had to get an Apple repair in a big city will know that wait times at official stores can often run into weeks. Authorized service providers are those shops which have been assessed by the company to do both AppleCare repairs and out-of-warranty fixes. They may not have that Apple Store sheen to them (or those fancy indoor trees), but as long as they’ve got time to get your MacBook up and running today, who really cares.

A screenshot showing third-party authorized Apple service providers in London.