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Sony has sold 50 million PS4s

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Sony has announced that sales of the PlayStation 4 have surpassed 50 million units as of this week. The console, which launched in November 2013, hit the 40 million mark back in May of this year. The sales milestone includes sales of the original PS4 hardware, the newly introduced slim redesign of the console, and the higher-end PS4 Pro, which launched last month. Sony says that the sales surge was helped in part by “the best ever Black Friday week” for a PlayStation device.

It’s unclear exactly how this compares to sales of the Xbox One, the PS4’s most direct competition, as Microsoft hasn’t released sales data for the console. According to the NPD group, the Xbox One was outselling the PS4 in recent months, due in large part to the introduction of the smaller Xbox One S model. In August Nvidia estimated that the Xbox One had an install base of 29 million. Next fall Microsoft is slated to launch its own high-end console, with the 4K-capable Project Scorpio.