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Airbnb will now use Foursquare photos in its city guides

Airbnb will now use Foursquare photos in its city guides


Capitalizing on your brunch photos

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Your next Foursquare uploads may soon be featured on an Airbnb city guide. The latter company today announced that it will purchase Foursquare’s photo data to use in the Airbnb app to help travelers get an authentic feel to the guides.

Airbnb recently updated its apps to include tours and guidebooks that highlight neighborhood businesses, all of which are part of its marketing strategy to help you travel like a local. By using Foursquare’s community-uploaded photos, it’s hoping the guidebooks will appear like something an Airbnb host has written up rather than a generic tour book.

Foursquare on its own acts as a travel guide of sorts; users can use the app to search for nearby businesses and read community-shared tips. This new partnership with Airbnb shows that beyond discovery, Foursquare may be slowly evolving from not just a recommendation service but also a data company that sell photos and popularity metrics to travel-related businesses.