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Alto’s Odyssey, the follow-up to Alto’s Adventure, is coming in 2017

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Alto’s Odyssey

It looks like hit mobile game Alto’s Adventure is getting a sequel: the mobile game’s developer Built by Snowman announced follow-up Alto’s Odyssey today, teasing it as “the next adventure” for the popular snowboarding endless runner.

Built by Snowman released Alto’s Adventure back in 2015, and it remains one of the best games ever made for mobile platforms. The gameplay consists of a player chasing runaway llamas down a mountain rendered in beautiful scenery. A recent Zen Mode update came out in June that added a stress-free mode with no scoring to simply enjoy the gameplay and scenery.

Alto’s Odyssey is another project on Built by Snowman’s increasing busy slate, which includes assisting on production for both the upcoming Where Cards Fall and recently announced Distant.

While the studio isn’t releasing any real details on the sequel for now beyond a 2017 release window, it appears that the original Alto’s Adventure team of Ryan Cash and artist Harry Nesbitt will be returning. The new promo image hints at a change of location for the follow-up, but we’ll have to wait for more information on the new title to know for certain.