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Microsoft Build 2017 developer conference announced for May 10th to 12th in Seattle

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Microsoft has announced that its annual Build developer conference will be taking place on May 10th–12th, 2017. In a change from previous years, Build 2017 is planned to take place in downtown Seattle, instead of its usual San Fransisco venue from years past.

The Build conference typically serves as an event for Microsoft to show off the future of its software to developers ahead of consumer release. Build 2017 will likely see the unveiling of the next version of Windows following the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update in early 2017.

Microsoft hasn’t announced when you’ll be able to register for Build 2017, but interested individuals can sign up for a mailing list for more information. Whenever tickets do go on sale, however, you’ll want to act quickly: they tend to sell out fast.