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Rockstar brings PS2 classic Bully to iPhone and Android

Rockstar brings PS2 classic Bully to iPhone and Android

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The studio behind Grand Theft Auto is bringing yet another one of its classics to mobile. Just in time for the game’s 10th anniversary, PS2 adventure Bully has made its way to both iOS and Android in the form of Bully: Anniversary Edition. According to Rockstar, the mobile port features the same content as the original PS2 version, as well as all of the extras that came bundled with the remastered Scholarship Edition of the game in 2008.

For those who didn’t play the original, Bully is sort of like GTA, except you play as a troublesome 15-year-old at a prep school called Bullworth Academy, dealing with everything from nasty teachers to the titular bullies. The new version will feature updated visuals for devices with high-res displays, and if you don’t want to navigate the treacherous world of Bullworth using a touchscreen, there’s also support for physical controllers.

You can grab the game on either Android or iOS now for $6.99.