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Spotify wants to bring on-demand features to its free mobile users

Spotify wants to bring on-demand features to its free mobile users


But will the labels go for it?

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Spotify is testing a new feature called Jump In that would let its free mobile users get on-demand features in certain playlist, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation. Spotify would roll back its shuffle-only mandate on the free tier — at least partially — allowing mobile users to choose what song they want to listen to in select playlists.

That would be a substantial improvement for free users, who currently have to hope shuffle algorithm works in their favor if they want to hear a certain song in a playlist or album. Spotify is considering rolling out the feature in the next few weeks, but will have to deal with its music industry partners first.

Will Jump In gain approval from the music labels?

Spotify is currently in the midst of negotiations with all of the major labels, and those deals won’t be done anytime soon, according to multiple sources. Given that there are no deals in place, the company would need special approval to push Jump In, which could potentially alter or delay the rollout schedule.

Spotify would probably argue that giving customers a taste of on-demand music could be a powerful tool for converting free users to paying subscribers. But giving any additional features to free users is likely to come at some kind of cost.

Spotify declined to comment.