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LG’s first-ever Super Bowl ad is bad Tron with worse Liam Neeson

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Well. So much for subtlety. LG has just released its first-ever Super Bowl to show off its new Signature OLED TV and the result is ... not great. With Liam Neeson in the ad's starring role (Liam Neeson!) and the spot produced by Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott!), you'd think there would be some redeeming qualities, but unfortunately not. Instead, we've got a schlocky 60-second journey through a Tron knock-off fantasy land, with Neeson growling cliches about how "the future belongs to us." There's also some ouroboros magic tattoo symbol? And generic motorbike-riding future goons? Really, it's just confusing.

In a press release, Neeson explains: "My character is an enigmatic man from the future who has traveled back to the present day on a very important mission. He represents that inner appeal, that curiosity we have to find out about the future." His enthusiasm for the project is palpable isn't it? Anyway, at least that TV looks nice.