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Tickets for the live debut of Kanye West’s new album Waves are available today

The event will be simulcast in theaters around the world

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

As was expected, if you want to hear Kanye West's upcoming album Waves first, you'll have to hear it at Madison Square Garden or inside a movie theater. West announced that he will debut Waves, along with season three of his fashion line on February 11th at the Garden in New York City. The event will be simulcast in movie theaters throughout the US and 25 countries.

Only international tickets are available right now, but it's expected that tickets for US showings will be available sometime today. West's latest album has undergone a number of changes over the past few weeks, switching titles from SWISH to Waves, and seemingly picking up a host of contributors, including The Dream, Chance The Rapper, and possibly the ever elusive Andre 3000. Waves is scheduled to be released on February 11th, now likely after Kanye's show wraps up.

Tickets are available on

Kanye West Season 3 Waves