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PlayStation Network goes down for some users

PlayStation Network goes down for some users

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After going out for several hours early last month, Sony's PlayStation Network is down again, at least for some players. Earlier today, PlayStation 4 and Vita users started reporting being unable to access network services, which locked them out of online gaming, user profiles, and apps or games that require an internet connection to use. While many are in Europe, it appears to be affecting users worldwide. On the other hand, it's not a universal outage: Polygon was unable to sign in on a PlayStation 4 or access the PlayStation Store in a web browser, for example, while we were able to do both.

Sony's network status page still indicates that everything is online, but the support page currently warns that "PSN is under maintenance." The official Twitter support feed has corroborated that "some" users are having trouble connecting, although it hasn't pinpointed the cause of the issue.

The last PSN outage came at the start of January, and service trouble isn't hugely unusual for the system — users reported hiccups periodically through 2015, including one on Christmas, and denial of service attacks took PSN down for three days at the end of 2014. (The problems certainly aren't limited to Sony; Microsoft's Xbox Live network was knocked out by the same 2014 attacks, and it also suffered service downtime last month.) Sony apologized for last month's outage by offering a free one-day extension of PlayStation Plus membership for subscribers.