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America's future is riding on Kim Kardashian's new Twitter poll

America's future is riding on Kim Kardashian's new Twitter poll


Iowa? Who cares about Iowa?

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Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Who cares about picking the next ruler of the free world when the title of Kanye West's new album is hanging in the balance for what feels like the hundredth time? Noted Twitter power user Kim Kardashian West is using the social network's poll feature to ask the frothing masses which potential album title they prefer. Do you yearn for the halcyon days of So Help Me God? Do you miss the relatively clean, signature-free legal pad Kanye posted when his new LP was still called SWISH? Are you embracing post-beef positive energy and riding WAVES all the way to February 11th? This is your chance to be heard! (An earlier KKW poll didn't have enough breadth; we're hoping it's slashed from the record shortly.)

You probably won't have a chance to shape the caucuses in Iowa tonight, but I truly believe Kanye is fickle enough to a) monitor the results of this poll in real time and b) change the title of his album depending on the results. We're less than half an hour in, but it looks like a tight race is emerging:

kim kardashian twitter poll

This is your chance to change the future of the musical world, people. Go ahead and rock the vote. Kim will thank you later.