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This year's Grammy awards have embedded GoPro cameras

This year's Grammy awards have embedded GoPro cameras

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The statuettes given to Grammy winners might be second to the Oscars' in terms of familiarity, but this year's gold-plated gramophones will have something over their humanoid rivals when they're given out next week — a camera embedded in the base. The awards presented during the 58th annual Grammys on February 15th will contain "GrammyCams," disassembled GoPros that will stream footage as their new owners come on stage to collect them, pick them up, and take them back to their seats.

Those close-up shots will be visible on Grammy Live, a streaming broadcast that's set to start before the award ceremony proper, and will also be inserted into both the Grammy Premiere Ceremony and the live broadcast. We might end up with some awkward viewpoints, but we won't be getting any candid shots from inside stars' homes from the miniature cameras — winners will return their high-tech statuettes at the end of the night, to be replaced by a more standard block of wood and gold-plated zinc at a later date. Even if some celebrity did try to take theirs back to their mansion, the battery would likely die before they got through the security gates.