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Microsoft acquired another app with the same name as its Groove music service

Microsoft's decision to rebrand its Xbox Music streaming service as Groove last year made a lot of sense — the name was confusing for a service that also found its home on Windows machines. But while Groove is a reasonable name — "it describes what people feel and do with music" the company said —  it was one shared by another music service, developed by Canadian startup Zikera.

It wasn't initially clear whether Microsoft had arranged a deal with the app creators, or whether they'd simply hoped to share the name, but now Zikera's co-founders have cleared up the confusion. In a Medium post, Groove's creators confirmed that the app had been acquired by Microsoft, would no longer be available for download, and would not receive any further updates. Microsoft also confirmed the acquisition, in an email to VentureBeat.

Zikera's co-founders didn't say when the deal was struck, but they did note that people who did download their version of Groove — reportedly more than 1.5 million from Apple's App Store alone — will still be able to use the app, which would check your listening habits to work out personalized playlists.