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This guy turned a hoverboard into a Dragon Ball flying cloud

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Between the explosionstravel-bans, and the fact that they don't actually hover, hoverboards have got a bit of a bad rep in recent months. But they still have one important saving grace: they make great cosplay props. As Taiwanese YouTuber Yes Ranger shows, a hoverboard is a pretty good substitute for the Flying Nimbus — the magical yellow cloud used by Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise, and which was itself inspired by a similar item owned by Sun Wukong (aka the Monkey King) of Chinese legend.

Yes Ranger can be seen zooming around Taipei on the cloud, high-fiving kids, and generally having a pretty good time of it. In a behind-the-scenes video, he shows footage from another YouTube video which used an electric skateboard to create Aladdin's flying carpet, and shows how he made his own cloud — apparently just by packing some sort fiber insulation around the 'board. As long it's not asbestos, though, otherwise those kids ripping chunks out of it in the video above (check around the 1:40 mark) aren't going to be happy. Or healthy.