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Netflix's Beat Bugs is a kids' show built around the music of The Beatles

Netflix's Beat Bugs is a kids' show built around the music of The Beatles


It'll feature covers by Eddie Vedder, Sia, P!nk, James Corden, and more

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A diverse collection of popular musicians have come together to record a compilation of Beatles covers, and you'll have to watch a children's show about walking, talking bugs if you want to hear it. Netflix's Beat Bugs is the newest addition to the streaming service's growing library of kid-friendly content, and it revolves around the music of The Beatles. The brainchild of Australian filmmaker Josh Wakely, the show will follow the adventures of "charming, funny, [and] adventurous" insects who explore a suburban backyard. Each 11-minute episode incorporates one of The Beatles' songs in some way, and the show will feature covers by Eddie Vedder ("Magical Mystery Tour"), Sia ("Blackbird"), P!nk ("Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"), and others.

To hear Wakely tell it, he had no idea how difficult it would be to acquire the rights to The Beatles' music for use within the show. "I would say, 'I've got this amazing idea for a kids' show, and all I have to do is get The Beatles' rights.' People would roll their eyes," said Wakely in an interview with USA Today. "I thought it would take four months. It took three years." (The Fab Four are notoriously stingy when it comes to licensing their music, which is why the bulk of the discography didn't hit streaming services until the end of 2015.) Wakely has the rights to use over 300 songs, 50 of which will be used over the course of Beat Bugs' first two seasons. If the show is successful, Wakely's beetles could be wiggling to The Beatles for the next half-decade. Beat Bugs' first batch of episodes will premiere sometime in August.