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Face Swap Live: a 99-cent app that will give your friends and family nightmares

The middle photo, above, is me disguised as GOP presidential primary nominee Donald Trump. To the left, I have recreated the plot of the John Travolta and Nicholas Cage action film Face/Off, but with Apple CEO Tim Cook. And to the right, oh boy, I don't even know how to summarize that horror show.

This is nightmare fuel refined by face-swapping app, Face Swap Live. Available on the App Store for 99 cents, and coming eventually to Google Play, the app features a number of digital illusions: you may plaster your face onto another person's head, stitch someone else's face onto your head, or swap faces with another person in real time. It's upsetting to watch, and yet, I can't stop.

Face Swap Live made a small splash in late December, perfect time for this Dad-humor-friendly parlor trick. Today, it's number one on the App Store's paid app charts. This is our future: wearing other people's faces for fun. Who could have predicted it?