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Celebrate friendship by watching this new trailer for Broad City's third season

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It's premiering on February 17th

Comedy Central released the most substantive look yet at Broad City's third season this afternoon, and it's a reminder that the love story at the show's core is platonic. Lovers, weed dealers, and would-be presidential guest stars come and go, but nothing can separate Ilana and Abbi. It looks like they're going to spend this new batch of episodes clubbing, teaching Aquafit classes, trying to kick Grindr addictions, and sprinting around LaGuardia. Blake Griffin, Cynthia Nixon, and Tony Danza are all going to make cameo appearances, and I'm sure there are more in store. Has gallivanting around New York City ever looked more fun?

You don't have to wait much longer to join them: Broad City's season premiere lands on Comedy Central a week from today.