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Kanye West's new album is called The Life of Pablo, and here's the track list

Kanye West's new album is called The Life of Pablo, and here's the track list


Pablo Escobar or Pablo Picasso?

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Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Kanye West has apparently ended his sneaker contest early: the name of his new album, previously referred to as TLOP, stands for The Life of Pablo, according to a tweet from West this evening containing the final track list. The album, due out February 11th, has gone through names like So Help Me God, SWISH, and Waves, and West has spent a great deal of time seemingly trolling fans on Twitter and fighting with Wiz Khalifa throughout the long and winding road to an album title confirmation. He ended on TLOP earlier this week, leading to heavy speculation on the acronym's meaning and origin.

West tweeted late Monday night telling fans he would give away a free pair of Yeezy sneakers and a ticket to his sold out Season 3 collection showing at Madison Square Garden tomorrow to whomever guessed what TLOP stood for. West plans on premiering The Life of Pablo in full at the show and having it screened in theaters around the world. Twitter user easymoney227 happened to guess the correct name on Monday, but West has yet to acknowledge the answer publicly.

The identity of the titular Pablo is unclear. Is it Pablo Escobar? Is West a Narcos fan? (West has in the past compared himself to Cubist painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, so there's a very good chance the Spanish artist is the inspiration for West's album). We may not know for sure until tomorrow, unless West pulls a fast one on the world once more and changes up the name again. Anything can happen at this point.

Update at 8:43PM ET, Wednesday, February 10th: It has been brought to my attention that Kanye West has compared himself to Pablo Picasso.

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