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Vevo's new Apple TV and Android apps add personalized music video features


Vevo is continuing its push to improve its standing among the many music services online. The company is today releasing updates to its Android and Apple TV apps, and just like last year's iOS refresh, they focus on personalization and ease of use.

According to product VP Mark Hall, the revamps are all about making the apps "more relevant and more useful for more people." That means improving the interface with the same sleek UI iOS received in November. Most importantly, the "Favorites" section and "Spotlight" feed have both been ported over, allowing the user to create individual playlists and also watch videos curated according to his or her individual taste. The Apple TV app in particular is designed to let you sit back and relax while it plays the music it knows you'll like.

Vevo Screenshots

Hall says that these updates continue Vevo's "iterative effort on making [their] products better every month." That effort, combined with the new recommendation engine, is meant to slowly make Vevo a platform worth returning to right alongside Spotify and its beloved Discover Weekly feature. Both apps are now available for download.