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LG announces case for phone that doesn't yet exist

LG announces case for phone that doesn't yet exist

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In perhaps the most daring episode yet in what may well prove to be a heroic attempt to win the Guinness World Record for Most Number Of Times A Phone Has Been Announced, LG issued a press release today offering details on an official case for the upcoming G5. The new Quick Cover case is made of a semi-transparent mesh that allows for touch control without exposing the G5's screen, so you can do things like take calls even while the case is closed.

The case's window to a certain portion of the screen looks like a good fit for the G5's "always-on" display, described by LG as "rumored to be a feature in the highly anticipated LG G5" despite being announced by the company yesterday. LG also says the cover's "glossy metallic finish" complements the appearance of the G5, though it's not clear whether that means a switch to metal construction or just more shiny plastic.

Either way, all will be clear on February 21st at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where LG will announce the G5 for the final time. Probably.